LOOK: Filipinos’ long-term enemy finally unmasked

“We have finally unmasked the enemy!”

That was the fervent opening statement of Jovybev Aquino, a staunch Duterte supporter in his recently published Facebook post that contains his socio-political sentiments and perspectives. In the said post, Jovybev articulated his stand on the significantly disturbing problems faced by our country that are purposefully induced by some ungrateful Filipinos that had atrociously taken advantage of their fellow countrymen’s plight to put themselves into the pedestal of financial wealth and power.

“For decades we have always thought that we were just an unfortunate bunch of people, not being able to achieve much compared to our richer more progressive neighbours. We accepted our fate thinking that we just aren’t capable of reaching higher goals for the nation. We looked at our brothers and sisters that were wallowing in poverty and said sorry ganyan talaga ang buhay. You just picked the shorter end of the straw. We all had that defeatist nature about ourselves. We looked at the elite with disdain, knowing that their prosperity had just been handed down to them through their bloodlines that had taken advantage of the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors. We sat aghast as they told stories of how much European or American blood they have in their veins, wishing that they could somehow just drain the little Filipino blood they had in their systems.” Jovybev started giving an elaborate introduction of the problem.

Pointing out how the mechanisms enforced by the “hypocritical” nemeses of the country, Jovybev enumerated certain “brainwashing” propagandas employed by the elites and their respective socio-political allies. These, according to Jovybev, through time, had caused a blinded and hopeless Filipino citizenry.

“For centuries, we have been their peasants; they have been our serf lords. That was the status quo! But their game was for it not to seem that way. So they controlled us. They controlled us by what we watch on tv, what we listen to on the radio. What was taught in school. They dumbed us down with their shows; they instilled fear by what was fed to us in the news. They made themselves heroes by what was written in textbooks. And they controlled our wealth by monopolizing industry among themselves. They created such a deep divide that they thought of themselves as the rulers of the little brown men.” Jovybev explained.

Jovybev then maneuvered into presenting the effective resolve, solution to the historically-rooted problems of the country. Emphasizing that it all had taken a single man to open the eyes of the long-blinded Filipinos, Jovybev further established how vile and deceitful these elitist class and their supporting allies have been.

“It took one man to open our eyes. It took one man to allow us to know the truth. The truth that for centuries we were manipulated, short changed, robbed, raped and killed; the truth that our land was being drained of its riches and siphoned off to some distant land."

"Along with knowing the truth about this great deception, we have also uncovered the perpetrators of this dastardly undertaking. We have unmasked their identities. We can now put faces to the monsters that have subjugated us and kept us wallowing in misery. They are the people that call themselves “Righteous”! They paint themselves white to hide the darkness of their souls.” Jovybev claimed unmasking the real enemies of the country.

“There are some of our brethren that have been so smitten by their lies that they are blinded from the truth, some are aware but are doing so because of financial gain or promise. But they are not important. What is important is to cut the roots of the people that have finally come out in the open and called us their peasants. Because to them, we are just their slaves who are rebelling against their masters,” he added.

Conclusively, Jovybev claimed that the chains of peasantry is finally broken, our fellow Filipinos have been finally freed from the atrocious leadership of the deceitful Filipino elites, and that the common Tao, once subjects of this vile socio-political group are now empowered. They were now given voice, an opportunity to take part and involvement in the issues and concerns of the country.

That, according to Jovybev, is the key to further eradicate this unruly system the elitist had long subjected us into. 

“Although their roots have grown deep and wide after being fed with the blood of our ancestors for hundreds of years, we now have something they never thought we’d have. The numbers, the fortitude and the will. Together we can uproot the evil that has spread throughout society and throughout our lives.” Jovybev concluded.

“ Together we proclaim that we are once more the sovereign of our land!...Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!” he ended invoking sovereignty and autonomy of the common Filipino people.

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