Belgian national: 'I feel very safe everywhere in PH, while I cannot say the same about Belgium'

"..I feel very safe everywhere in the Philippines, while I cannot say the same about Belgium.”

That's how Mr. Ronny De Blaere, a Belgian national who is married to a Filipina, describes his experience after visiting the Philippines.

De Blaere's story trended in social media and was shared by Mr. Mark Lopez, a well-known social media blogger, radio host and staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte.


"Peeps, came across this FB account of a Belgian national who is married to a Filipina.

Mr Ronny De Blaere has just returned to Belgium after a visit to the Philippines, and he posted a running commentary after founding out that his house in Belgium was r0bbed.

Read his heartwarming take on the Philippines compared to Belgium, especially in the light of the recent Iceland Resolution in the UNHCR, which we learned Belgium co-sponsored.

Here is what Mr. De Blaere has to say:

“Thank you for all your support.”

“The fact is that I am not terribIy angry that my house has now been br0ken into. Of course, coming home in such a way is not pleasant.”

“I am terribIy angry (and disapp0inted) because during my trip back to the Philippines I heard that our Belgian leaders had to crit!cize the Filipino leaders once again.
I am not in the habit of communicating about this via social media, but this time, I would like to make a comment on this.”

“My father has always taught me to first look into my own plate. I would also recommend this to our poIitical leaders.”

“In Belgium, aut0didacts are talking about raising the feeling of insecurity among citizens as a solution for lowering criminaI offenses. Numerous visible elements (such as ANPR cameras, Neighborhood information zones, more blue on the street, etc.) are added to the street scene to convince the people that the g0vernment is working on the fight against cr!me. I also note that people nowadays put a lot of effort into the ethn0graphic approach, especially within big cities.”

“And yes, the cr!me statistics are dropping, but the questions is how real our the cr!me statics? As the society is adapting to new circumstances, vict!ms fail more and more to rep0rt criminaI 0ffenses to the poIice. A burgIary in a home has no m0nger the same impact on our society than the same burgIary 20 years ago. However, the facts stay the same.”

“Another point is that the basic elements of the statistics are no longer the same as 10 years ago, which means that people will start comparing apples with pears.”

“Belgian poIice can (give)you all kind of StarWars gadgets, but there is no final punshment for someone who gets caught.”

“In the Philippines, the main focus is on "old school poIicework". A person who is considering to commit a criminaI 0ffenses knows what c0nsequences are and the pun!shments are actually execut3d if a perpetrat0r is caught. As far as I know, little effort is put into ethn0graphic approach and, unfortunately, there is no budget for the StarWars toys such as ANPR cameras.”

“Yet Filipinos are clearly behind their leaders, while this is clearly not the case in Belgium.”

“Yet I feel very safe everywhere in the Philippines, while I cannot say the same about Belgium.”

“Yet the sense of security among the local population in the Philippines increases, while this decreases in Belgium.”

“So it seems very strongly that the old school poIicework does the work, while our major studies and our star w@rs gadgets apparently don't work.”

“I can only conclude that our Belgian leaders should visit the Philippines with an open mind rather than voicing unf0unded crit!cism. I am convinced that a lot can be learned there. 
In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for the many statements of support.”


And a fellow Belgian, Geert Verhaegen, also made this comment in the same thread:

“I can only confirm your feelings... In the Philippines cr!mes are puni$hed according to the impact they cause to the vict!ms and here in Belgium the perpetrat0r is already commiting its next criminaI violati0n while the PoIice is still making the report of the previous one.”

“Such things makes you pissed off and give you seri0us d0ubts about our leaders who p0int finger to the Philippines without having been there to check out how safe it really is out there in that so called "third w0rld country.”"

Source: Mark Lopez | Facebook

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a Filipina in Belgium said…
It's mostly the foreigners in Belgium who make Belgium unsafe and not the Belgians themselves.