Lionhearted Netizen: "If you still believe Aquino, then something is wrong with you too"

Pol Pot, a former Cambodian Prime Minister who served from 1975-1979. During his regime under the Khmer Rouge government, approximately 1.5 to 2 million Cambodians died of starvation, execution, disease, or overwork. His major indictment revolves around his orchestration of an overwhelming and morally abhorrent genocide. The question is, what is it about Pol Pot that makes us recall him so suddenly? It is Pol Pot’s so-called “genocidal tendencies” that significantly links him to this discussion. 

According to netizen Apple Jolo, former President Benigno Aquino III has certain characteristics similar to that of Pol Pot’s. In her post, Jolo claimed that Noynoy Aquino, in a way, reminds him of the savagery and indifference of the crueI Cambodian Prime Minister towards his people. Something that according to Apple Jolo, was done, practiced, and tolerated by Aquino and his administration.

“I have been steering away from posting anything political in nature because it's too toxic. But you have to forgive me if I do breathe out my anger towards the former President, Noynoy Aquino. I will accept if we differ in political ideologies but revelations of past crimes committed by an administration we once followed are certainly not within that sphere,” Apple Jolo initiated explaining her political standpoint.

Elaborating on the so-called “penchant” of the former president for “human blood”, Apple Jolo then claimed how Aquino III reminds him of Pol Pot and the crueIty and viciousness associated therewith.

“Soldiers, farmers, and innocent children have become his prey. I did not join the bandwagon when reports of him having some sort of psychological problem surfaced but this man seems to have a penchant for human blood. That's nowhere near normal. He reminds me of Pol Pot, seriously. And I can't keep quiet simply because it's unjust to be silent at a point where even helpless children have been made into ticking time bombs all because of a man's selfish motives,” Apple Jolo then added.

Furthering her speculations, Apple Jolo refuted the opposition’s outcry for the preservation of Human Rights when in truth and in fact, it is them who had committed and wilfully tolerated the deprivation of such important rights among the victims of their schemes and blunders.

“I'm sorry to my friends but if you still believe in him, then something is wrong with you too. I will not take that back. You ask for Human Rights, well, look at the children. There's your striking example of what fighting for fairness is all about. They are not drug addicts, none of them are pushers. Why were they subjected to such an inhumane act? I see that most anti-Duterte people are quiet about it. You should be. Keep your silence and turn your attention to your shallow insuIts about Mocha Uson's law school ambition, but never justify what is genocide.”

Ms. Kris Aquino | Screengrab from ABS-CBN
“I want to hear Kris Aquino claim that we owe our freedom to her father again. Bullsh*t.” Apple Jolo concluded with frustration.

Source: Apple Jolo | Facebook

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