Just let Him steer your wheel

A lot of adults have regretted not submitting to their parents' authority but instead went on their own with the thought that it's better off if no one bothers them and enjoy what they have at present with this thought in mind - "we will only live once."

But this is not what God wants us to face. He wants to give us direction. He wants to lead us to where He wants us to go.He wants us to have peace in life's journey with this in mind: "Sit back and relax. I am at the driver's seat."

However, some of us are so stubborn that we fail to wait for God's direction and end up messing around having lost direction. We decide without consulting God in prayer or we don't heed the advice He has from His words. This just shows that we boast of what we are before the One whom we claim to be our Lord and Master.

Submission to God is one way of revering His authority and ignoring His direction is an insult to His sovereignty.He is God, who was,who is,who is to come. His wisdom is above all and His ways are higher than ours. Now,this is an assurance that if you allow Him drive your life, He knows where to lead you and He knows what he has in store for you.

On the other hand, if you won't allow Him to drive your life's wheel, beware. It maybe His enemy who's with you as you travel in your path. As he deceives you that it feels good to direct you own life, that it feels nice to stray from the Lord's driveway, you would soon realize that you are being dragged down to the towing zone with your life dumped with trash.

Now, if you have chosen to let God drive your life,buckle up. It might be a swift road, a rocky one or a traffic jam. But rest assured that He is with you, you are going to arrive safe in your destination. If you have taken your wheel from God's hands, it not yet too late to give it back.He is just at the passenger seat waiting for you. 

If you are still driving with someone else, ask yourself, "How's my driving?" Reflect and evaluate. If you don't want to end up in a life crash or in the junk, asking Him to steer your wheel is not yet too late.

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