MUST READ: Reason why some Filipinos disapprove of RevGov

Philippines, just like any other countries in Southeast Asia, has great potential for growth and development. Blessed with immense natural resources and resilient, hardworking people, the Philippines, ideally speaking, should have prospered long ago. With proper and productive utilization of these resources, Philippines could have stood as one of the biggest commodity producers in Asia.

With its resilient people working united, hand-in-hand to achieve development, there appears to be no reason for the Philippines not to prosper. But it is not the case. Perhaps, not now.

Given these potentials one might obviously conclude that there perhaps are lapses and hindrances. But to whom should we account this? Whom should we hold accountable for this stagnation, this potentially productive country had long suffered from? Ironically, it is its own people.

Jose Alejandrino, a distinguished journalist, former General manager at the Manila Chronicles, recently published a Facebook status unveiling the masks of the of the real enemies of the country. These people, as how Alejandrino puts it on his post, are the ones that had prevented Philippines from moving further towards development by causing plight, divisiveness, and chaos in the region.

In his post entitled “UNMASKING THE ENEMY”, Alejandrino enumerated a number of enemies all equipped and armoured with power and authority. These gifts, if used properly could have led the country to a more stable and developed state yet they never do. They have long practiced corruption by committing abuse and deception. And with the present Duterte government, eager to establish a revolutionary government, these people are shaken and so they blatantly oppose such foreseen initiative. For what specific reason? Let’s hear out Alejandrino.

“Let us understand the situation.

The politicians, including the PDP-Laban, are opposed to rev powers because it would mean an end to the corrupt political system which benefited them and erode their influence when drawing up a new Constitution. The PDP was a moribund political party which rode on the coattails of the Duterte victory. Many LP balimbings have transferred to the PDP. Can a leopard change its spots?

The reactionary bishops are opposed to rev powers because in drawing up a new Constitution the Church can be sidelined and its tax exemption removed as happened in many countries.

The druglords and their cohorts are opposed to rev powers because it would give the president a greater latitude in his fight against illegal drugs which has diminished their profits.

The communists are opposed to rev powers because real change could spur development which could reduce poverty and undermine their appeal, poverty being one of their battlecry in their struggle against government.

The oligarchy and dynasties are opposed to rev powers because it would clip their power and put an end to the old established order.

Corrupt and incompetent officials in the bureaucracy and in LGUs are opposed to rev powers because the abrogation of the Cory Constitution would facilitate an end to their tenure and facilitate their replacement.” 

Further elaborating why these groups strictly prohibits the establishment of a revolutionary government, Alejandrino simply put that with  a changed government, these actively opposing individuals, will lost their liberty to exercise their self-serving interests and deceptive tactics.

“All these groups have banded together for self-preservation, as I had predicted earlier in my postings. The grant of rev powers to the president constitutes a direct threat to their interests. They can only protect these interests by retaining the status quo,” he wrote.

Pointing out the significant function of the people in establishing this highly sought-after revolutionary government, Alejandrino claimed that everything is just a matter of trust to the ever-ardent President Rodrigo Duterte.

And by opposing such immensely significant initiative, one had clearly stated his/her distrust and conflicting ideology with the government, more specifically with the ideals of President Duterte.

“This is why I had said that ultimately the president can only rely on the people to help him bring meaningful change. The grant of rev powers is a matter of trust. Those who oppose them have no trust in Rodrigo Duterte,” the journalist asserted.

Conclusively, Alejandrino claimed that a revolutionary government is essential for the riddance of corruption and all despicable irregularities long existing the government. Expressing disagreement to this basically beneficial and upright initiative only shows a person’s personal intention and desire to maintain a corrupt and deceptive system. 

“As I keep repeating, rev powers are provisional until we transit to a new constitutional order and a new form of government. They are not aimed at overthrowing the government but at overthrowing a corrupt political system. Now why would some people be opposed to the president cleaning up the mess unless they favor the retention of the status quo? By opposing rev powers, they have merely revealed their true self. They have shown themselves to be anti-people and anti-Duterte despite whatever claim they may make to the contrary," he ended.

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