The Power of Positivity

At this present situation in the world,specially in times of trouble or distress,many people tend to look at things on the darker side than on the brighter side. It can be concluded that most people notice the unpleasant things significantly and some even fail to see the beauty of a view, a person, an event, or the life they have at the moment.

Just as Vitamin C is for good resistance, Vitamin E is for good skin,and Vitamin A is for good eyesight,I suppose everyone can have a good perspective in life if the will have lots of Vitamin P-"POSITIVITY".

Positivity can move the borders holding you back to achieve your full potential.It is also what makes people magnify a small hope amidst unpleasant circumstances. It is what you need to paint a smile on your face when you have experienced failure or loss.

Some find it hard to exercise because they allow the negativity to meet them first and it tries to lock the doors of possibility and  positivity, making their eyes pinned to the pessimism that would soon push them down to give up.

How can Vitamin P work?

Simple. Get enough dose of it each day and keep the negativity away. Look for the brighter side in every situation. Keep in mind that God is in control and He knows what He is doing. Knowing that you are not alone in facing challenges will give you the hope of surpassing the negative thoughts Satan will inject in your mind.

Make it a habit be grateful in everything, whether good or bad. This will help in lessening the complaining which can trigger negative vibes to come along the way, ruining not just your day but others' as well.

Encourage yourself and be confident of what you can do specially if is with you. Don't self pity;it will just make you feel small and lose confidence.Whether the negativity is caused by physical, material or social inferiorities, try to balance it by turning them into advantages. This will make you appreciate your uniqueness.

God's plan is to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) 

Don't harm yourself by letting negativity eat you. Remind yourself that even if negative things come and problems arise,they will soon end. Don't dwell on your past mistakes and be filled with remorse that you've committed them. Instead,make them road marks in your life journey that will remind you not to take the same path again. By doing so, you'll be able to overcome and to see that there is always a brighter side in everything that occurs in life.

When you feel that the pill of negativity starts choking you, always take your vitamin P and remind yourself just as Simon Birch reminded himself and everyone,"God has a special plan for us."

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