What Kind of Light Do You Bear?

“You are the light of the world."(Matt.5:14)

This was Christ's reminder to His disciples when He taught them on how they should live. We as Christians may claim that we are the light of this world. Yes, we may have light but how significant is it? I had compared the Christian's light in this world to a few things. Try to check out which one's yours.

The Candle Light. It is romantic to have a candle-light dinner with someone you love. The darkness that makes the background fade for a while make the couple focus on themselves and forget the world they are in even just for a few moments.However, as Christians, we should not be much of a candle light. Although the Bible associated Christian light with candles, in my opinion, I prefer not to be a candle light because it can be easily blown out. When troubles come,the light might go out and the darkness will envelope the candle. The other scenario is that the light can be so bright that it can consume the candle quickly causing the light to die out easily which can mean that the person may have too much zeal that consumed him and if not led to consistency,he might be burnt out.

The Bulb Light.The very common light that shines in our households.When needed we can turn them on and when their role is done, we can turn them off to save electricity. But I believe that whether it is incandescent,fluorescent, LED, or whatever kind, everyone would definitely agree that without them being switched on, they amount to nothing. The same thing with Christians. If we have the light and refused to let it show at all times,then, we are like bulb lights switching our Christianity on and off. When with the brethren,it shines bright and blesses those who can see. When with the world,,it is turned off so that the world won't judge you and your Christianity, making you fit in with the darkness of society. Christianity is a lifestyle which can't be turned off. But sad to say,some Christians fail to do this because they are afraid to lose the approval of men, instead of fearing to lose the approval of God.

The Christmas Light. These are always on display;they glow bright at night and just hang over somewhere in the day. Then they are kept by their owners after the season ends. Sadly, some are like that-occasional Christians. They go and practice their being "Christians" in some or a few moments in their life. They are the ones whose presence is really noticeable because they are most of the time absent. They shine when the heights of the feels come but when faced to tougher situations, their light will come to its rest with only them knowing when they will light up again.

The Lighthouse.This serves as guide to fishing vessels and travelling ships to where a port or a channel is. It can show direction and it can also be a watch tower for the smaller vessels that are in danger of being lost while on sail against the darkest seas. The Christian should be like a lighthouse. It firmly stands out so that others can see. Its significance can't be denied for its presence is already significant in itself. Moreover,it's really useful when the night comes. Its light directs others so see what they need to see-the port that each vessel needs to reach. That is what a Christian should do-lead others with the light they have amidst the darkest night and the tempest troubles just like the seas water vessels travel.

In this walk of life,the Christians should shine bright so Christ's light will be seen in them.However,the light of each can vary. But what matters is that the light we have shines so Christ can be reflected in us and direct others to Him.

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