You are blessed! Count what really counts

In life, there are things we receive that we know we really don't deserve. We are blessed in various ways, big or small. But most often, we just take note of the significant ones even if we should thank God for everything we enjoy at this present time.

However, some of us overlook such blessings and tend to complain instead of giving thanks. We complain and single out the unpleasant things rather than having a thankful heart. What are things that we need not to count?

Heartaches. True enough, we can forgive but it's hard to forget. And if we continue counting our heartaches, we will just grow bitter and will be sunken to the negativity they bring. Then, the blessings, whether big or small won't be that much noticeable because we get overwhelmed by multiplying sadness through dwelling on our few heartaches.

Sorrows. Just as there are heartaches, sorrows accompany other things that put the negativity in the spotlight. The emotions associated with the memories cause the sorrows to get deeper specially  if it gets acquainted with a new instance just like the sorrowful one or if it comes to recurrence. If we keep on counting the things that brought us sorrows, it would be possible that we would end up having a downcast sorrowful life, worse, regretting your existence.

Failures. When we talk about this, most students associate it with school and some adults associate it with not being able to meet expectations or desired results. Counting this can put our self esteem to its lowest and bring us a  negative perspective  in facing life. Fear is its constant companion. It will make us believe that we should not dare try anymore for it might again end up adding the pile of failures we have met along the way.

Worries. At this present times, we tend to invade our minds with worries. Though we don't count them literally, we somewhat overthink and instead of adding worries, we multiply them and they get bigger than we expect they would be. This lead us to doubt God even if the worries are just a fraction of the blessings we have received.

What do we count? Every moment God has given counts to a blessing we sometimes fail to appreciate. Whether big or small, let us try to count our blessings. Just as the sand in the sea and the stars in the sky are innumerable, then we'll get amazed at how He has blessed us in various ways. Through this, we can develop the virtue of thankfulness and appreciation and lessen the habits of whining and complaining.

Let us get reminded by the lyrics of this soulful hymn:

"Count your blessings name them one by one,
Count your blessings what the Lord has done;
Count your blessings name them one by one,
Then you'll be surprised to see what God has done."

Be surprised and be amazed by counting what really counts, and those are what will keep us feel blessed by the One who's faithful to bless until the end.

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