Prominent Political Analyst: ‘Duterte is rocking the world through a diplomacy of creative destruction’

TNT | President Rodrigo Duterte's recent undertakings which include the robust development loan with the Chinese government, slamming of a UN official, and withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC), are indeed and in fact manifestations of Duterte's "new doctrine of democracy" which tends to deviate from the futile and ineffective old-political and economical constructs.

This thought is the major point shared by Professor Antonio P. Contreras, a distinguished political analyst, in his recently published article in Manila Times. Contreras, who has been an ardent supporter of the Duterte administration, has claimed that Duterte above everyone in the Philippines is well-aware of the consequences of his endeavors. And unlike his predecessors, Contreras has claimed that Duterte for sure will lead the country to a better state.

”President Duterte appears to have embarked on a new doctrine in diplomacy, one that is along the line of what Joseph Schumpeter has coined to apply to economic transformation of societies. Schumpeter called this process as “creative destruction,” when economic structures are built by first destroying the old ones," Contreras wrote.

"The President unconsciously applies this doctrine to diplomacy by consciously disturbing, assaulting and destabilizing prevailing diplomatic practices based on age-old precedents, in order to give way to new relationships, arrangements and practices," the political analyst added. In his article, Professor Antonio Contreras claimed that Duterte is "rocking the world" through a diplomacy of creative destruction. He also added that the administration's multi-billion loan with the Chinese government is a significant and bold move that offers the Philippines a whole new kind of opportunity for improvement and development.

"His policy of shifting to China is one bold move that seriously interrupted the status quo. It is a strategic move of dealing with a neighborhood bully more directly, instead of perpetually looking towards an absent big brother who has always assumed that our country will always be a loyal underling no matter what."

The political analyst has also taken into scrutiny the United Nations whose recent official abhorrently slammed and disrespected the Philippines' head of state by speaking wary and unwarranted remarks to President Duterte. For that matter, Duterte according to Contreras has had the UN as a subject of his diplomacy of creative destruction.

Contreras asserted, "The United Nations is another global institution which became the target of the President’s diplomacy of creative destruction.... The UN and other global institutions have become the bearers of “orientalism,” where the non-Western world is seen by the West through a lens that is clouded by prejudice, inappropriate cultural universalism, and an air of moral, ethical and racial superiority." 

"We see this in the readiness of the global liberal media, and the UN and its attached organs, or the countries which are the usual suspects, to condemn alleged human rights violations in less developed countries, but not the atrocities of American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq," the political analyst added.

As for the ICC issue which stemmed from Duterte's proclamation to withdraw membership in the Rome Statute established high court, the political analyst supported and even exemplified the President's decision. Claiming that the announcement is a political statement in itself to confront ICC of its blatant biases and prejudice.

"This move is in fact a political statement, an assault on the structured biases of the ICC, and the global discourse on human rights, in its selective prosecution of President Duterte."

"It is a strike against a system that entertains politically motivated complaints, but neglects its prerogative to investigate on its own initiative other countries that also launched their own wars on drugs, such as Mexico and many Latin American countries." Contreras wrote elaborately. 

Prof. Antonio P. Contreras, CTTO

He concluded, "The ICC seems to be oblivious of the fact that the United States has its own bloody drug war and has in fact committed acts that could even amount to war crimes in many parts of the world."

Source: Antonio P. Contreras | Manila Times

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