Fearless Lawyer on Manila Bay rehab project: "Only one president ever said that we deserve better"

MANILA, Philippines — Notwithstanding the issues being thrown at the government's Manila Bay rehabilitation project, a prominent lawyer expressed her sentiments as the controversial 'white sand beach' opens to the public last weekend.

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, in one of her posts, emphasized and elucidated why Filipinos deserve nice and better things from the government.


This. Because we deserve nice things.


And it WAS EMBARRASSING because government officials do not have to line up for their passports, like the rest of us do. And the yellow governments that came before? Pakialam nila kung hirap tayo. Basta sila may privileges.

The public schools were limited in what they taught kasi “pwede na yan” para sa ating mga hampas lupa. Keeping many of us poor and ignorant and unable to compete with the rich who either were in public office or dictated who got to sit.

Public transportation was ridiculous. Trains were being left to rot. The MRT was pillaged and plundered and never mind that it broke down so much because these yellow colored assholes running our government don’t fcking ride these things.

And cleaning up Boracay and Manila Bay? Ayaw nila. Because the average Pinoy does not need nice things. Bigyan lang daw ng pagkain. Or whatever na gusto nilang ihagis sa ating mga patay gutom.

And that is why hinding hindi na dapat tayo bumalik sa mga gagong nagnakaw, nagpabaya at nangmata sa atin.

Only one president ever said that we deserve better. Only one president cared enough to say, “Di ba kayo naaawa?” Only one president said he wants us to have a more comfortable, healthy and beautiful life.

So in your face you ignorant yellow cretins who think things will ever go back to the way they were. We deserve better.

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